Can You Help Us?

We are looking for your help in various ways to support the show and its purposes.

Note, part donations still help… and we are grateful for any help people can give. We arenot really money orientated but hey if you wanna donate why not.

Although some people seem to think the show is created in an expensive studio with tens of thousands of pounds of equipment it is not. Infact we run it on a PC with a sound mixer and a logitech webcam and a Sony video camera and by having a broadband connection, thats it! Perhaps its the fact that I have years of video experience makes it look like we are pro, but honestly this stuff has been gathered from experience of many years of work in the video field which I rarely ever do these days unless asked as a favour. I am not working at present and the guests are mostly local based and have offered to come in for free. Livestream lets us broadcast for free and also we dont get any revenue from livestream. This is funded 100% us for you. A bit like the crop circles!

Q: What does this mean then, how can you help us.


Well we obviously want the show to get better and expand and there are a lot of simple ways people can help.  These range from passing on the message that the show is on, which gets more viewers and helps people learn the truth. Secondly we would like to get some of the UKs circlemakers over to the house to be on the show but this takes petrol money and we like to offer some basic things like food and a drink to guests who may have to travel 4 hours to get here and 4 hours home. This is where donations to cover guest costs would be gratefully appreciated. Could you post details of our show on your facebook page and email your friends?


Circlemakers really do want to do circlemaking projects legally by renting use of land and crop for construction of at least 1 but possibly more crop circles during 2011 summer. The costs of paying off a farmer are vast, not particularly because of the crop cost involved but because farmers would like to profit on this also. This has meant Circlemakers have always had to rely on TV companies saying they would pay to see a circle being made. However then circlemakers have always been denied to use of the TV comapanies footage in an unrestricted way so we cannot show a circle being created from start to finish. The options left then are for Circlemakers to do it the old fashioned way of illegally but then this means far less possibility to discuss who made the circle and allow outsiders to take part as they would be taking part in a criminal act plus also could decide to reveal details of these formations in an uncontrolled way which would ruin experiments. So if anyone wants to come on board and put their money where their mouth is and be a major part in experiments to do this we are going to be needing about £2000 to rent a field and hire other vital equipment which we need to make this happen for a full experiemental purpose. Only those who are major contributors will be given details of what is planned and will be can be optionally credited for their help.


The aircraft went bye bye. Too expensive too run. I was one of the first full time drone pilots to capture most of the circles out there… check out the footage:

Circlemakers have had access to a plane for the first time in the last 2 years to be able to survey the land for suitable areas to make circles and this has allowed circlemakers and friends to see the artworks from above in the sky without having to rely on others to take photographs and post these on the net or sell them. The aircraft is currently out of action due to a blown piston and repair costs are running at an estimated £1200. Whilst this work is being undertaken in a piecemeal fashion and the aircraft may be ready for the season, this is uncertain as stuff is having to be sold to fund this.  A generous benefactor if helping us complete these repairs would be granted prime flying experiences in the Summer months as a thank you if they could meet these costs.


Circle commision ideas are welcome to generate funds which would be split out equally amonst Circlemaker team members for hire of fields and artwork. This is not an area we have really gone into before but in order to facilitate interest in man made circlemaking capabilities commercial ideas can be put through and I will pass them on to the Circlemaker teams for them to consider working on. I no longer make circles so would have an outside role in this. Most of the costs would be directed to the farmer for use of land.


What we need

So these are the things we would like to do and their costs:

  • Firstly promote the show – suggest ideas and guests to us.   Cost = your time and effort.
  • Small donations earmarked for show guest expenses – fuel and food.   £ Whatever you wish
  • Creation of scientific and experimental circles legally (large donators can help be part of the projects) – £2000
  • Aircraft repairs £1200  – ( needed urgently so aircraft is fully test flown before Season starts)
  • Commission the best circlemaker teams to do your design – £unknown  (and dependent on scale – get in touch)
  • Sponsor the show – cash or equipment

Equipment we could use if you have spare and wouldnt mind donating:


Any old phantom drone or I am after the new Mavic to be able to cover next years season in the highest quality for you.



If you can help the sponsor us/the show please email:

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