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You may want to check out the extensive crop circle drone videos I have taken… here


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How I got duped by crop circle science. Nancy Talbott vs. Matt Williams

A radio podcast with Alex Tsakiris where as the above title suggests, I got into a discussion with Alex about how it is easy to be drawn in by the so called crop circle science because it all sounds to neat and cosy and all sewn up tight. The truth soon has the seams unraveling though. I am very grateful for Alex taking me through his journey from “unknown” crop circle believer to human made crop circle believer. It is interesting to hear from another persons perspective how it can be very hard to deal with or even talk to crop circle hardcore believers. Anyhow enough from me… best you listen for yourself on the link above.

So we never forget

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Lest we never forget the mayhem Charlie Mallett tried to cause by using fake names and spreading hate and mayhem as well as some very sordid connections to unsavoury stuff I am posting the facebook page here in case it ever goes missing to preserve the facts.


Timeline Photos

The rather controversial profile under the name of Alison Bartlett has been created by one and only Charlie !.


Silent Circle: Paranormal and Political ' Exposed '


I stand accused of creating the Alison Bartlett account by Charlie and his sidekicks for the alleged purpose to smear Charlies name - as you can see in the slide below that Charlie sent the log... See More
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  • Matthew Williams




Terrence McKenna speaks on crop circles

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Everyone knows that Moniques scheme is failing. So what does she do, go on the offensive to tell people it is succeeding! Ha!

When the facts are printed about how 2 out of 20 circles were accessable by her ticket scheme she blew a fuse and got her lawyers on to the newspaper to have it removed.



part1 part2 part3

Should Monique stay or go? 2014 ruined?

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Evidence Moniques scheme isn’t working from farmers own words.

Recently a researcher we shall call P went to the Forest Hill formation near Marlborough and saw the farmer just about to cut this formation out. The researcher got the farmer to stop his tractor/mower and asked him why he was cutting it. The farmers words were thus (paraphrased)…

“We have had 20 years of these circles and at first it was manageable and we had money in the honesty boxes but now those get stolen so that doesnt work. People were a lot friendlier back then when they used to visit. Then we get people like Monique Klinkenbergh turning up with people on tours trying to bribe us with £500 to keep the circle and let people in. The crop is worth £2000 to us so we dont think £500 covers it. So we would rather cut it out to send a message to those who make them that we dont want any more. However if she wants to pay us £3000 we will let her have this circle and also you can put other circles in the field – but until then, no way!”

So there you have it. Monique turns up – insults the farmer with what they see as a low order bribe to allow the tourists in – else the farmer gets nothing. The farmer sees red and says he wont allow anyone in and cuts the formation. Now one has to wonder how many other farmers have got totally pissed off at some woman from Holland dictating to them what they can do on “their land”. We have heard that other farmers have been extremely upset to see people coming on their land and when asked what they think they are doing they show their access pass and think it gives them right of access. This situation is actually much worse than there not being any access pass at all – because not only does the pass advertise the location of the circles but it gives pass users this incorrect attitude that they can and should have access to the circle. Shes got 8k in the bank from last year and this was the best quality formation in Wilts and she still tries the £500 insult on farmers. She would be better off offering what the farmer wanted – alteast she would have one good formation close to home… so the farmer then cut it out straight after meeting her. I suspect because of her!

In the past people used to see the farmer and ask politely “can I see it” not they just start saying “we have got our pass so we can see it because this pass allows us”. Clearly the old way was better – because everyone knows the first few words are critical in forming a bond with the farmer.

I am also told that a Dutch tour bus which was connected to Monique arrived at a field and everyone piled into the field and then started walking across the crop to get in and out and were very much ignoring the tramlines.

I think everyone knows that Moniques approach in life in general is one of “I am here, the big woman has arrived” and when you mix this with an angry farmer is it any wonder that so far out of 24 circles she has permission to visit just 1… Clearly something about Moniques approach – most likely her gob is causing the problem. Still on she goes with her “successful” scheme from circle to circle making sure the farmer knows that circle is there which causes them to ban all entry and cut it even sooner due to her input. Perhaps eventually she will accept that maybe she isnt the best person for this job – maybe the farmers would be acceptant much more of an English person approaching them? Paul Jacobs has not had any of the problems she has and so far where as she has a 4% success rate with his approach Paul Jacobs has a 100% success rate in those farmers he has approached.

Monique – is ANY OF THIS SINKING IN… ?

I do hope some good formations turn up in Wilts and do not get cut… but with Klingonborg turning up and cocking it up – I think circles in Wilts are doomed and Wilts circlemakers know this and are still continuing to stay out of the area.

How do I put this politely – Maybe if MONIQUE FUCKED OFF and stopped her interference perhaps circlemakers would come back and circles would stay and not get cut? Just a possibility – worth a try eh!?

I spoke to a circlemaker called “G” at the Barge this eve who said he would only work on the edges of Wilts now quote “Because that fucking woman charging money to visit the circles can go fuck herself – who the fuck does she think she is”. Sorry but he was that polite. (seems like a circlemaker trait to be so polite).

Or does Monique want to be remembered as the woman who single handedly ruined 2014 by trying to take over.

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Click the above link to listen to the show – aprox 3 hours runtime.

Janez Ferancic is Charles Mallett SCANDAL

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This was recently posted on the seemingly unreal crop circle challenge 2013 facebook page. Will Janez ever show his face… I doubt it – days have gone by and still nothing apart from a statement in text only form from Janez saying he will NEVER come on skype. Clearly has somethig to hide.

Matthew Williams writes 17.10.2013….

“Why are you giving more smoke screens to detract away from the original question that predated this Pyrka stuff and is still outstanding of **why wont Janez come before a skype webcam to prove he is a real person**. This is the original question which caused all this Andrew Pyrka Blimp/ufo stuff to be brought up and smokescreens to avoid dealing with this question. We are not going to let you forget that our **is Janez real** question was actually posted before this Pyrka debate and Janez has said he refuses to come on a skype webcam which is unreasonable considering it is such a simple request – to settle if the guy exists or not. It was at that point which point Janez decided to shut up shop on the CCC Challenge and hand over to Charles – which was a way to try and hope people would forget Janez. This looked highly suspicious. However this challenge was started by this “Janez” and we want confirmation that he was not just a sockpuppet for Charles. Not only because this would show that this challenge may be falsely fronted but to show that Janez online abuse of circlemakers was in fact the alter ego of Charles Mallett and all the hate and venom directed towards anyone who came forward for the challenge was just Charles way of trying to pretend he was clean and decent. However as we see both Janez and Charles have now the same level of abuse being peddled on this channel so they might as well be the same person for the types of negative statements made here. Clearly when it comes to pass that this challenge was fronted in this way people will have little respect for the devious nature of Charles if it is proven through Charles or Janez to prove that Mr Feranjcic is a real person. The ball really now is in your court… Quite clearly inaction on your behalf is going to leave your public and the crop circle community with no other possible conclusion than those outlined above.”



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Bullshit Books… free to download click this link to jump to scandals page. These were hacked off this site, so somebody doesn’t want you to see these! Get them now.


This LONG video (2hrs) fully dicusses the video release by Edward Van Mossell with his Skype interview with Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle (we ban Circlemakers) Cafe.


Not shy of censorship and wanting desperately to destroy a facebook page of Andrew Pyrka – Charles seems poised to throw everything he has in order to destroy Mr Pyrka – and he doesnt care about the consequences it seems by listening to what he has to say…

So enjoy the video streaming here or if you get problems just download the file using right click SAVE AS – or SAVE LINK AS