Shelley Fyfe – a day not at work.

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Letter sent by Shelley Fyfe aka Shelley Parkes aka Sheley Frischante

(the background to this is that I passed on someone I know to Shelley for her to create a website for. Shelley is not skilled in Website design and so this was meant to be a chance for her to hone some skills and get her teeth stuck in and if she had any issues she could ask me for help. She did pretty much sweet FA to make this website and then blamed everything about it not appearing on myself and the client… oh yes and she got paid and no she didnt give the money back when it wasnt delievered as requested… oh well… read on. bearing in mind the facts here are mostly fabrciations and altered by Shelley – much of which I will go through and explain in my programme CMTV especially dedicated to Shelley and her friends. Matthew)


Dearest F——,
You asked me to design you a website, Matt Williams had your domain name already and he was also hosting your account so my job was very simple, design a website and send Matt the files.
I gave you a two week deadline and requested ALL content from you and I asked for a deposit from day one and many weeks after that, but you were my favour to Matthew Williams and I treated you as though a friend.
You paid me ‘in full’ the cost of the ‘very cheap’ 20 page website at £250 after a whole month, Matthew Williams will charge this as a standard cost from his clients for a very simple WordPress Theme installation, or 1-Click as it’s called and he spends 1 day tops for that price and the results show.
I took the time to write ALL content across 20 pages in html and css code when the average cost of a 5 page bespoke website with ‘client content’ is £250 bare minimum.

YOU advertised the domain before the website was even built without me knowing this, and because you gave me no content and wanted the site live, we received a conflict of interest by one of your competitors, I took down the site IMMEDIATELY on my OWN initiative, not yours… as I took an interest in protecting your online presence.


Although it took me a month to get just 1 page of content from you for the ‘about’ page, I repeatedly asked Matthew Williams to generate me a DATABASE so we could get the contact page and subscription page to work on your domain, as he had both the name and the host and your site was only fully functional on my own site as I had the resources to build databases ect.
Matthew Williams then asked me to transfer the domain as he didn’t want the hassle of dealing with a site he hadn’t made because he knew his efforts would be minimal, and we both already know that Matt put you in touch with me in the first place because he fixes your PC and didn’t want to deal with the problems that I have indeed faced, his time is his money and I even paid him £50 for your job as a lead fee. You were calling him repeatedly at 7am one morning and he had major issue with that so we agreed I would host your site.


After the month, you then told me that you wanted a Content Management System ‘ATTACHED’ to the site, I spent a further 1.5 weeks building you a WordPress template theme that replicated the html I had created, then…. after that, you didn’t even thank me for my time and labour and asked for the old one back and for me to educate you on open source software for FTP and WYSIWYG.


I went on to do as you have asked without getting annoyed and without whining to you and I appeared relentless in helping you further, and went on to transfer the domain at a monetary cost to my pocket, so I could give you a database and design you a Newsletter e-mail campaigning system for your customers (you will not have got this anywhere else for free, I can assure you!!!).


Now bare in mind alllllllll of the above… (BARE?)
I was then assaulted by Matt and made homeless the following day as he went on to put a policeman in hospital and put him out of work for 2 months.
With that bombshell, what did I do Fiona….???


I contacted you and made you aware of the change in circumstance and reassured you that I would carry on regardless but that we had 7 to 10 days to play with as the transfer was absorbing the time, knowing full well that Matthew Williams might intentionally disrupt the process and potentially run me down in some kind of defence to his actions, as its him you choose to call instead of me.
How have you dealt with my time, generosity, effort and indeed my own personal crisis and misfortune?
You didn’t give a hoot about my social crisis or personal safety, and still I was dealing with your request EVERY DAY after you pretty much told me you didn’t care and knowing full well you might be communicating with the person I have ABH charges against.


Ever since I told you what had happened, you seemed to have made a villain out of me and I can only assume that has come from Matthew Williams. That aside, it’s of no interest to me.
I would have had everything sorted for you and with mountains more on top as my standard Fiona, but for what?
You’ve only ever called me Twice in 2 Months coz I called YOU the other time, and you think I have ordacity? Wow! May I add that EVERY time you arranged to speak to me, I was there waiting, never to receive a response from you and when I could have taken up invites to go out.


You went from not knowing how to turn your computer on to preaching to me about IP addresses and re-pointing, how condescending when I know you weren’t writing this, if you knew anything, you’d know that I am hosting your site because the repoint was unsuccessful. Just out of curiosity… were my instructions then to repoint an empty website?? Beats me what you want Fiona, as your too busy trying to fool everyone in believing you know what you are talking about but continuously failing to get your message across because your either to busy, or not bothered. When you need help you stamp your feet and I WANT IT NOW, when the rest of us bend over backwards and have real life problems to deal with, you don’t even batter an eyelash.


Contact dreamhost Fiona, if you think paying a friend of a friend £2ph for more than two months’ work with little or no communication is unreasonable, when it should have only taken just 2 weeks, then I feel this is unfair to say the very least, but I’m sure they will support you fully and get involved in your fantastic communication skills, charitable charm, empathy, and respect for a person’s efforts and help in helping you. Please do what you feel necessary as I have truly given up bending over backwards for you.


Seriously, WHY DONT YOU buy yourself a hosting account and I’ll release you the domain directly, so we don’t have to deal with each other anymore, I’m begging for that day by the second now.
Bottom line… you’ve burnt your bridges with me because I do not have the security around me to care. I’ve shown you ever glimmer of my caring traits and you didn’t value one of them, so you force me to speak your language and there for , I shall delete your site and leave you to contact whoever you wanna contact because good intentions don’t work on you and every minute I spend on you proves to be a complete waste of time, effort and energy.


Do you reeeeeeally think I care about what you have spent on fancy brochures and videos…. bloody hell. If I can bear all that from you on top of that from Matthew Williams and still get made out to be a villain, then by all accounts I truly am doing something wrong, CRIKEY! Good Girl… Bad Girl… what difference does it make, all this proves is some people just aint worth the bother!!!!
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