Bullshit Books

By admin

This is a page to offer you books which have been written about the crop circle subject and more specifically the person bringing you this site. Because these books are full of so much complete and utter nonsense we wouldn’t want to have you pay for these crimes against true research so we are offering you them free of charge here.

Just don’t tell the authors… they are rather protective of their work and want to earn cash out of this rubbish.

Please bear in mind we were at no time ever contacted by either author prior to publication to check any facts… that’s because they didn’t care and this was a complete fabricated hatchet job.

Be warned you may want a sick bag handy and some Diazepam so you don’t blow a fuse when you read complete unsubstantiated things like “Matthew Williams works for Mi5″… and other jems. I know I did.

These files appear to have been hacked down off this site once already… so keep a copy on your hard drive.


Crop Circles an Open Case by Elizabeth Zollinger

http://circlemakerstv.org/mattsstuff/ProperCropCircleanOpenCase.pdf(approx 30mb)

Crop Circles an Inconvenient Truth by Andrew Buckley

http://circlemakerstv.org/mattsstuff/Inconvenienttruth.pdf     PDF _ Windows version (this is small 5mb)

http://circlemakerstv.org/mattsstuff/Inconvenienttruth.doc  DOC version 30mb


(2 attempts to take these files down via hacking have been undertaken… so this is the third times these files have been returned. Andy Buckley is such a twat… seems to have plenty of  time to try and have the truth about him taken down eh.  However we will just upload these now to 3 sites… so it means this stuff will never be taken down. July 2017)