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So many people had made TV shows about circlemakers but portrayed us out of context we thought it was high time we put the record straight without any TV producers or editors or hype merchants in charge.

This is the channel for truly open minded people who want the facts about crop circles.

There is a sweked view that there are not many circlemakers in existence, or that one group from London makes all the circles.  This TV show will redress the balance showing people that 95% of all circles created come from Wiltshire based artists.

We expect the discussion to be lively and controversial.  We also expect there be be a lot of heat from people who only believe Aliens or Gods can make crop circles. We welcome everyone into the discussion and we will try and answer everyones questions.

All are welcome, even those who want to say we are wrong…  Lets see.

Due to the sensitive legal nature of Circlemaking some things may be hinted at or suggested at rather than answered directly. So if you want an admission to a specific crop circle or who made it, you must be prepared to not be given a direct answer to this question.

However please use your brain because cleverly worded suggestions are usually made.

Circlemakers do not want to be arrested for their art, please take this into consideration when asking questions. We dont want this guy waking Circlemakers up in the morning…

Lastly the host of the show Matthew Williams no longer makes crop circles illegally since his arrest in 2000!

We have DVDs of the shows available in higher quality than watching the show online. Also if you wish to have a copy of the 3hours Circlemakers DVD make in 2000, contact us. If you wish to use footage from circlemakerstv you will need our permission. Please contact me@thematthewwilliams.com





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