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This is a section which deals with show controversy:


Apologies we have now determined after 5 of my videos all containing references to Andy Buckley have been taken down following complaints so as a response we are editing these videos to make them not name Buckley and they will be reuploaded onto youtube very soon. In addition we are supplying free of charge the “Inconvenient Truth 777 report” which is the subject of the controversy whereby Buckley makes false statements about myself and others in an attempt to discredit Circlemakers. Here so you can read the rediculous accusations that I am a Government agent and many other things.

Click below to get your copy of the report. Feel free to distribute this report to anyone who needs to know about Buckleys bullshit.

THE REPORT – click BELOW to read – right click SAVE or SAVE LINK AS… to save copy to your hard drive.

Inconvenient truth 777 report


here are promised are the videos that got removed from youtube by Mr Andrew Buckley, the stuff he didnt want you to see…. too close to the truth eh.

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"Karen Douglas" "Karen Alexander" ccrop circles
Jokey photo depicting Glickman as Professor Xavier when we all know Glickman lied about being a professor.
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Video of Karen Douglas (married name Karen Alexander) – who is married to Steve Alexander and who has for many years organised conferences with Michael Glickman amongst others. Allowing very dark rituals to take place where Glickman is seen praying to someone or something and god only knows what nasty things he is asking for, what cruel deaths to be had for Circlemakers, we can only guess. Or is this statement a little over the top?

Perhaps not when you see what is shown in  this video! After clearly establishing that Karen is one of the organisers Karen walks a “Birthday” cake onto stage which is supposed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a “Foul lie” and “slimy scoundrels” and Michael Glickman wishes Doug and Dave a happy 10th Birthday, knowing full well that Dave Chorley is passed away. The camera pans away but then in shock the cameraman quickly pans back to catch Gickman now having stabbed a crucifix into the birthday cake.  Glickman is heard to say “Now finally lay this bullshit **to rest**”.  Obvsiouly trying to make out that by being dead the Doug and dave story has gone away. This was probably a symbolic gesture hat signified that Glickman and others now felt they had free reign to lie about crop circles with impunity and tell people that they could not be made by humans.

Throughout Glickmans birthday/death laying to rest ceremony, the audience is seen and heard to laugh, especially when the birthday cake is brought onto stage and even more so when the Crucifix is plunged in. Karen Douglas was clearly seen to smile throughout as she brought the cake on knowingly what was about to take place and standing next to Glickman as he proceeded with the dark act and then again clealry seen smiling in her black dress taking the cake away from Glickman when she had seen fully what had taken place.

It cannot be denied that Douglas was fully in on this and as one of the organisers has agreed to take part and had allowed this to take place. She showed no hint of disdain in any of these proceedings. Later on in the clip we see Karen refer to the “spirituality” of the crop circles. With rather a stiff jaw she tell us that people who say they make circles “rob others of their process”. What she must be meaning is that those who tell the truth that circles are made by people, which according to her most recent admissions on Circle Chasers on facebook – she knows full well that humans make the circles – is that she purposefully tells people that the circles are not made by people or she does nothing to highlight this fact in order to foster an air of belief in circles so that people can have a “process” of not knowing people make circles. This obviously has great benefits to people who organise conferences who want peoples bums on seats and saying humans made circles works in opposite to this goal. The question is who is robbing who, circlemakers by providing circles or those who dont tell the truth about Circles origins in order to make money out of a gullible brainwashed public? Who robs who? Who CONS who?

Speakers like Glickman who constantly ridicule human Circlemakers other speakers and only being slanted to say Circles are non-human is clearly an attempt to “give the audience what it wants” and overlook the facts. Sweeping the facts under the carpet and carrying on as if white is black and so forth is no way to consider ones self an true researcher and organiser of an unbiased conference. This farce has gone on long enough and CMTV and Circlemakers and many HONEST researchers wish to expose these facts and dual standards.

Clearly when people like Colin Andrews spoke at Glastonbury and made public that he believed circles were 80% man made, which in my opinion was perhaps a tame estimate designed to break the news gently to those who have for so long been happy playing dumb, it was ten seen that Colin was no longer invited or welcome at the Glastonbury Symposium. The truth Colin told was simply bad for business and had to be silenced. So when Karen says that Circlemaking is discussed and allowed to be broached at the lectures she organises I would point the big spotylight at the name and case of Colin Andrews and ask the question, “So Karen whats all that about then?”!!!

Watch the video and see if you think all of this which you see comes under the banner of TRUTH or has anything to do with the SPIRITUALITY of which Karen seems to say she and others are part of.

My biggest question is what the hell do these people at a conference come for to see Michael Glickman do this stuff. Are they all just dark – which is what Glickman always accuses Circlemakers of being. Behind closed doors to screened and filtered believers is this what crop circle “research” is about?

In addition to the questions this raises about Glickmans internal workings we have to ask now that it is clearly on the record that Karen Douglas/Alexander has admitted she knows circles are man made, why s this not openly dealt with and talked about at the conferences she helps organise.

So Karen if this makes you realise a little better why I am not taken in by what you say about caring about you and yours and your interests and thats about all. Especially when you entertain and constantly promote Glickman and allow him to carry on in your lectures in such a manner unchecked and seeminly with an air of happiness around you when he does. Do you now see why I dont give two hoots about mocking you in the X-CONS photo above.  A taste of ones own medicine?

Is this unfair to use a photo which contains your daugher as a figure of fun. Well yes, as long as you stand behind Glickman in photos and real life. As long as you promote him and his vile nonsense – then yes. When you publically distance yourself from Glickman and say that what he did in Glastonbury was wrong and start openly admitting circles are made by people and this is not ROBBING people of their process – its simply a fact – then I think we can talk about being fair with such comedic images. No sense of humour? We have to have one when putting up with the conferences which decry Circlemakers continously. Hence CirclemakersTV… its because of attitudes like yours and Glickmans CMTV exists. Remember this.