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Circlemakers are a group of people who have taken their secretive art into the fields. To answer a common question – we are not affiliated with the art group from London called Circlemakers.org – 95% of circlemakers working in Wilts have nothing to do with this group.

Over the years many have interpreted the art as signs from Aliens or Gods.

People from all over the world flock to see crop circles and have truly life changing experiences.

Some Circlemakers have agreed to come forward to speak about their experiences making circles and observing the reaction of the public and government and religious institutions to their work.

We are hoping to do interviews with international circlemakers from Europe, American and beyond on the show in the future.

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  1. Cool well done! Are you using TRICASTER?

  2. admin says:

    No its Wirecast by telestream – costs about £450

  3. admin says:

    No I wish… they cost about £8k and whilst I do have a cheap effective £500 vision mixer using it live presents some problems and drawbacks for chromakey bussing and Picture in Picture effects. No I use software based vision mixing using Wirecast which allows you to connect cameras into your PC and do all the clever stuff via Windows. Its tricky to set up and get working properly but if your techy and have a fast-ish PC running a 64 bit OS you might be able to get it working. Our 1st show shows what happens if you try to run on 32 bit… . audio lag.

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