Janez Ferancic is Charles Mallett SCANDAL

Posted: October 17, 2013 by admin in Uncategorized

This was recently posted on the seemingly unreal crop circle challenge 2013 facebook page. Will Janez ever show his face… I doubt it – days have gone by and still nothing apart from a statement in text only form from Janez saying he will NEVER come on skype. Clearly has somethig to hide.

Matthew Williams writes 17.10.2013….

“Why are you giving more smoke screens to detract away from the original question that predated this Pyrka stuff and is still outstanding of **why wont Janez come before a skype webcam to prove he is a real person**. This is the original question which caused all this Andrew Pyrka Blimp/ufo stuff to be brought up and smokescreens to avoid dealing with this question. We are not going to let you forget that our **is Janez real** question was actually posted before this Pyrka debate and Janez has said he refuses to come on a skype webcam which is unreasonable considering it is such a simple request – to settle if the guy exists or not. It was at that point which point Janez decided to shut up shop on the CCC Challenge and hand over to Charles – which was a way to try and hope people would forget Janez. This looked highly suspicious. However this challenge was started by this “Janez” and we want confirmation that he was not just a sockpuppet for Charles. Not only because this would show that this challenge may be falsely fronted but to show that Janez online abuse of circlemakers was in fact the alter ego of Charles Mallett and all the hate and venom directed towards anyone who came forward for the challenge was just Charles way of trying to pretend he was clean and decent. However as we see both Janez and Charles have now the same level of abuse being peddled on this channel so they might as well be the same person for the types of negative statements made here. Clearly when it comes to pass that this challenge was fronted in this way people will have little respect for the devious nature of Charles if it is proven through Charles or Janez to prove that Mr Feranjcic is a real person. The ball really now is in your court… Quite clearly inaction on your behalf is going to leave your public and the crop circle community with no other possible conclusion than those outlined above.”


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