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The Steve Budge show was making reference to a number of websites you may wish to look at. Here are the links so that you can do further investigations.

(Here are some notes and links… the bottom youtube clips I wateched after the show and are quite interesting from my own point of view but I have done no research on this – editor…Matthew)
1. We are seeing governments release UFO files (UK, US, New Zealand for sure and according to one article I read up to 20 countries have now released)
2. New solar systems and as of 17 may habitable planets are being discovered
3. Water on the moon is being reported using evidence from the Apollo missions (I don’t believe man has been to the moon)
4. Mainstream media is reporting aliens (to the best of knowledge) like never before (e.g. Daily Telegraph and Guardian online editions)
5. National geographic just released a documentary describing ‘secret’ government plans for an alien invasion
6. 3 UK schools have done UFO crash drills

Fox News,Nick pope talked about UK Military tried to shoot down UFO’s – 2…


NASA scientist finds ‘evidence of life’ in meteorites 6 March 2011

CNN – American Morning – UFOs & Nukes – Sep. 29th, 2010

I’m coming at it from this angle but I hope I’m wrong.

Links I collected relating to the Japan earthquake…

Have you ever considered making a video in this format to expose Nancy Talbot et al?

Here’s the link on weather modification I showed you the other night:


The same guy also has a website:


Begich & Manning do well researched work on HAARP;  this article includes references:


Here’s Manning on TV


I have a copy of Angels Don’t Play This HAARP if you’d like to borrow it.  I’ve experienced a few WTF moments reading it.


My current theory is that a lot of bollocks on the internet and in the mainstream media serves as a cover story for electromagnetic warfare e.g. earth changes, pole shift, violent weather due to global warming.  I suspect HAARP might be behind this and this–U-S-hit-billion-dollar-weather-disasters-year-May.html and this