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Colin Andrews positive comments on these TV Shows

20 May

A snippet of what is in the above link on colins site

“Award winning film-maker Terje Toftenes who made the documentary “Crop Circles: Crossovers From Another Dimension” appeared unexpectedly via Skype on Circlemakers TV during the show this week (May 18th, 2011).

Terje told the show host Matthew Williams that he became interested and involved in crop circles in 2002 and had been convinced they were not made by people. His film received awards but now he felt foolish and embarrassed he said but went on the congratulate the people making them because they had made such a good job of them.  He told Matthew that he thought it was time for the truth about all this to be told and went on to say that he was equally convinced now that there were also strange things happening around the circles.”

CirclemakersTV Now on youtube, yes 3 hour shows!

20 May


UPDATE 26-5-2011 We are migrating the oldest of shows to Youtube as the only place to view them as we may get charged for holding so many shows on Livestream. I am unsure yet.

Our shows are slowly and surely being uploaded uncut to youtube so you can watch them easily WITHOUT ADVERTS which are placed there by Livestream and are basically really flipping annoying.

Livestream dont seem to care about pissing off its live broadcast users by jamming in udring a live broadcast and spiling the conetnt by taking a minute out every 15 mins with crappy ads, so that you miss the flow of speech… so I am saying if you want to be ad free and cant watch live youtube is your best repeat show alternative now.

Do a search for truthseekers666 channel or go here and search for the shows. Most of them are there. A few problem ones are only viewable on livestream still because we couldnt upload onto youtube.