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Janez Ferancic is Charles Mallett SCANDAL

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This was recently posted on the seemingly unreal crop circle challenge 2013 facebook page. Will Janez ever show his face… I doubt it – days have gone by and still nothing apart from a statement in text only form from Janez saying he will NEVER come on skype. Clearly has somethig to hide. Matthew Williams […]


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Bullshit Books… free to download click this link to jump to scandals page. These were hacked off this site, so somebody doesn’t want you to see these! Get them now. CLICK HERE

This LONG video (2hrs) fully dicusses the video release by Edward Van Mossell with his Skype interview with Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle (we ban Circlemakers) Cafe.   Not shy of censorship and wanting desperately to destroy a facebook page of Andrew Pyrka – Charles seems poised to throw everything he has in order […]