Agent S bows out

As Agent_S on Circle Makers TV I have firsthand experience of the ugliness that exists in the emotions of those who are unwilling to take a look at the truths presented to them, myself included. As I step down from my position of good intention, I bow and admit defeat as I become unattractive in my own activities.

One of my favourite quotes is:
“It’s the messenger’s job to deliver the message, not the recipients to get it”

My initial contribution to the community was to deliver my message in an open, truthful and approachable way. Sometimes it is difficult to remain on track when faced with opposition. So I must break the mould of the Crop Circle Angst and Animosity that I witness at present and instead be seen to acknowledge my own deficiencies and refrain from being lured into the trap of retaliation and assaulting the lives of other people, I will not be a part of this and value the respect I have for myself.

“There is no right or wrong, just the Consequences’ of YOUR actions”

And as I reflect on the past 2 weeks, I look at my own behaviour and realise that my own conduct is becoming unattractive because I am communicating with people that do not understand the message I wish to convey. I realise that if I continue with this message, I insult the people who think differently to me as I attempt to force my beliefs down their throats assuming I have any kind of control.

In my humble opinion, I believe these are ‘human’ traits and we are all susceptible to behaving unattractively or all the while we don’t STOP to take a moment and reflect on events with some clarity because none of us are perfect and none of us have nothing to learn from each other, regardless of our attraction or repulsion for each other.

As a truthseeker… a person should seek the truth for themselves to enhance their own journey. The truth cannot be owned, badged or controlled… regardless of how hard we all try.
The truth will always be an individual’s interpretation of the world to them which is why the world holds so many different religions, but the principles are still the same.

Sometimes we just need to have a word with ourselves and understand what’s going on outside of the bubble we create for ourselves and admit that none of us are perfect. Truth, after all is not a weapon you use to bring down the people around you, the truth is a tool to better interpret the world on our journey of self discovery, anything less is less than we are worth.

Sometimes we just need to step down from our pedal stool and show people we are no better than them but able and willing to show them how different we can be and delight in what we learn from each other.

Note from Admin: Its a shame that Agent S feels she has reached the end of the road in taking part in the show. We wish her well and hope she may come back on for some future hellos. We have got some familiar faces to step in to Agent S position for the next few weeks and we will see if anyone wants to offer up their services in a more permanant way. Offers anyone?