Next show 24th Oct 2012 9pm UK time

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George Bishop will be our guest. George is a long term researcher and journalist on crop circles who is very well known in the UK and amongst many foreign crop circle interested parties due to his working on CCCS magazine. Here is Georges CV.  He will be joining us on Skype and we should be able to take calls from guests this week… fingers crossed.

“I was involved with CCCS from 1990 although I didn’t “join” that organisation until about 1994.  I was Chairman of CCCS and Editor of their quarterly journal The Circular for many years.  (The longest serving editor.)  Organised several Conferences on Cropcircles at Bristol and Andover.  Helped to edit several books on crop circles.

I lived in Cornwall and Devon at that time and had connections with both local groups.  Editor of Devon magazine “Cyderspace”

I worked as an artilcle writer for a Devon magazine which is why I went to see my first cropcircle.

Co-operated with PUFORG (Plymouth UFO Group) on an investigation into Bols and orbs.  Have had a number of UFO related experiences over almost 60 years.
Recently written some articles for www.2012ist on the UFO phenomenon.” – George Bishop

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