Dutch page against Fake Dr title used by Mr Levengood

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An article relating to the fake use of Doctorate title by Mr Levengood.

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Pretend you are a graduate doctor, while it is not so, just to own glory, that is not kosher. And yet such a situation seems to go hand in crop circle world. At the head of the U.S. crop circle research BLT Research is William Levengood. In his own publications and in the work of his colleagues can read that this gentleman a PhD and there is usually ‘Dr.’ for his name. Even in the popular but misleading series ” Ancient Aliens “Levengood is depicted as a doctor. Graduate and expert in alternative phenomenon, his results insinuate scientific value. His team is ” the worlds leading research group . Turns out, however, that he does not hold the title.

The Englishman Matthew Williams was the first person ever convicted was making crop circles. For many years he investigates the phenomenon and he reports on his youtube channel Truthseeker666 . He knows just about everyone in the (relatively small) crop circle unsalted world and is not afraid to vent his opinion. Also William Levengood:
The jokke chunks on a scientific title is a sturdy blot on the escutcheon. The whole was not spotless, because blindly support the BLT Research indicates the Dutch ‘crop circle discovered’ and paranormal medium Robbert van den Broeke was already quite debatable . Lately Robbert experimenting with new tricks and also to various celebrities and creatures for his camera. In some cases you can still see the traces straight cut and the original image can be traced back to the books or websites where they came from. Robbert explains this by himself to think that he draws from the Akashic field , the source of all knowledge. And of course, why would the Akasha field use the real image of someone as it can just draw. Wikipedia or a book Also Akashic field must move with the times. Well, of course we think Robbert Flest the lot and that the matter of time before he falls to his supporters through the basket.
From America to the Netherlands: fraud left, right fraud . Ask us especially what is still standing remains of the crop circle phenomenon, because we do not know. Almost everything is invalidated or has a discernible human or natural origin. Unless maybe the orbs where witnesses continue to talk about ?

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