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  • You mentioned blown nodes being from the plants growing back up to the sunlight, that’s exactly what I thought, and the bends at the base of the stems are there before the circles are made because that is just how plants naturally grow if the seed isnt perfectly upgright in the soil or w.e

    I can’t find Francesco Grassi research on nodes, can you give me a link to a site that explains how the stems are not from radiation. lol

    GsBBoyDan 1 year ago

  • I wish that these crop circle makers would make a video of themselves while they are making one, or just take pictures, why don’t they do something like this, and put an end to the controversy?

    saturnx311 3 years ago

  • we have, many times. view the rest of my chan. have fun.

    truthseekers666 in reply to saturnx311 (Show the comment) 3 years ago

  • go make a that “Pi”-formation type formation, at night, with about 5 hours ..you still have yet to make them, instead you will make some bullshit crop circles..all horrible looking..easy ones, with some sheep . We have seen balls of light over crop fields..and complex crop circles have appeared the next day.

    SidneyXda in reply to truthseekers666 (Show the comment) 2 years ago

  • Sorry mate but its very easy to make throw away comments about what I can or cannot do out there in the fields when you havent made crop circles and dont know me. I would suggest properly befriending a circlemaker and going out or trying for yourself then you will know the truth. There was nothing that radical or hard about the Pi formation. I dont even think many people were that wow’d by it either. Yes it was human made but not by me.

    truthseekers666 in reply to SidneyXda (Show the comment) 2 years ago

  • Im sorry for that post, i didnt watch your vids when i typed that, but now i have ..and i can see you are a genuine guy and not some MI6 agent .

    You speak with conviction and i am coming round to the idea that maybe these are made by highly skilled group of guys with equipments.

    SidneyXda in reply to truthseekers666 (Show the comment) 2 years ago

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  • we have… and involved TV companies to be there as witness to our making circles. This isnt good enough for some who then say that TV is conspiricing with govt to hide the truth. Bullshit eh… the last refuge for the desperate.

    truthseekers666 in reply to saturnx311 (Show the comment) 2 years ago

  • Another interesting posting Matthew. Have you any old footage of the BUFORA Conferences of yester-year ? (Malcolm Robinson SPI)

    fartbumdig 3 years ago

  • I will try and dig them out… and put them on here…

    Im a smlow git and lazy and like the webcam because its requires so little effort to rant on here. I have boxes full of tapes that need putting on the interwebs. I will try and get around to it soon.

    truthseekers666 in reply to fartbumdig (Show the comment) 3 years ago

  • are you so hungry for attention ?? how does it feel to support a lie ??

    sundazeberlin 3 years ago

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  • The same guy who is into Fortean zoology?

    StillHeather 3 years ago

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  • Who the hell is Tim Matthews?

    StillHeather 3 years ago

  • indeed. He is a ufo researcher who did an expose on the BNP (a form of Nazi party) exposing their members lists. Hardly a government agent. Only really known in British Ufology.

    truthseekers666 in reply to StillHeather (Show the comment) 3 years ago

  • Nobody would do it, they wont stop for me.

    truthseekers666 3 years ago

  • I thought as much. Its a major money spinning belief system for a lot of people now. There is no harm in it is there ?

    scienceasfact in reply to truthseekers666 (Show the comment) 3 years ago

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