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Andrew pyrka has decided that Andrew Buckley isnt putting things across well and has taken his videos off his site. My reaction to this – I am glad Pyrka has seen sense but now theres no record of Buckleys wrong doings by taking the stuff off the site. A small shame but we have kept copies of the Buckley stuff – would be good if this was archievd somewhere.

Also this video was recorded yesterday and the events of “tommorow” being Sunday have passed now and are the feature of the next video which will be uploaded tonight.




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  • You and your go…..oh wait, you are sub-genius? carry on than.

    TheCaptainLulz 1 year ago

  • he whats up matt! nice to see you again 🙂 i still haven’t been to a crop circle conference..i wish some of my mates were into this..but they are not, its odd going to these places on your own ..like visit Wiltshire etc

    SidneyXda 2 years ago