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  • You are a defender of having truth come forward; Buckley is seeking the same outcome, albeit by different means — asking that circle makers take responsibility (via the law) for their handiwork. Can’t expect the truth be acknowledged from only the researchers side, and not the circle makers themselves?

    gardeniabee 1 year ago

  • Nonsense. We are putting forward as much truth as we can. buckley is just making it up as he goes along. He said I worked for the miltary and this wasa well known fact. Fact…? Total and utter nonsense. Please dont defend a freak like this. You probably dont even know him and know nothing of how he operates. Get to know him better then judge.

    truthseekers666 in reply to gardeniabee (Show the comment) 1 year ago

  • Right. I presume that Buckley has intent to bring forward transparency. I don’t know that. I do know that transparency and disclosure all round is a good thing. However, your efforts to expand transparency by having Colin Andrews on your program is commendable.

    gardeniabee in reply to truthseekers666 (Show the comment) 1 year ago

  • This has been flagged as spam show

    junior602002 1 year ago

  • yeah, fuck you buckley… that rant was hilarious

    ZOOT1000100 1 year ago

  • You can always send a letter before action asking him to retract. Looking at your reply how do you know he will admit to going to the Police? He may deny all knowledge of it. I wonder if the Police will admit to you a complaint has been received. In any case, how can there be crop circles in winter eh? You would be on winner anyway as there would not be any evidence!

    deepinder cheema 1 year ago

  • How do you know that Buckley has accused you of a criminal act and have taken this accusation to the Police?

    If he is then the allegation is Defamatory. In my knowledge of Libel then being accused of a criminal act is actionable. I have never heard of Buckley, but I am wincing at your somewhat distressed emotive schoolboy sniping directed at Buckley

    deepinder cheema 1 year ago

  • i was told by someone he has told. Libel is civil action and police wont deal with it and unless you have hundreds to thousands to pay legal fees you can forget taking it to court. Which is also why i dont mind calling him out on this stuff.

    truthseekers666 in reply to deepinder cheema (Show the comment) 1 year ago

  • Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face. If you get all the real crop circle makers arrested then the researchers will be forced to make their own. Which come to think of it, would be an interesting development. It would be better if everyone would just stop for a season or two and starve them out but as you’ve addressed on your show …that probably won’t happen.

    EartherZero 1 year ago

  • Matthew, should have finished it on ‘Now I’m gonna finish my cheese.’

    ChoHorpe 1 year ago

  • Or have a bath and get rid of the cheese 😉

    truthseekers666 in reply to ChoHorpe (Show the comment) 1 year ago

  • Your logic is smooth

    ChoHorpe 1 year ago

  • hahahahaa! another great vid 😀

    flipping Buckley, he actually is calling the police? whata a moron. They make money by having it as a phenomnea ..not by sending someone to jail and having the truth out. Im sure his fellow collegues in this field must be thinking moron.

    SidneyXda 1 year ago