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  • Hi Matt, your amazing , you’ve done more than I could. Honesty is a beautiful but painful thing to see, perhaps everyone holds back so much that they poison themselves eventually . I don’t know why some people think they can gain points by treading on others. My doctor asked me if I was “the artistic type” when I needed A.Ds which got me thinking that half the world is emotionally dead. Your Vids are unique and vital , Total respect to you.

    marxman00 2 years ago

  • @Amscpc ill explain more about why it still “apparently” does matter if your gay because although society has somewhat mopved on for some people it hasnt… more in an up and coming video. 😉 hehe

    truthseekers666 2 years ago

  • I had no idea you was gay, i thought you was the clubbing guy, girls etc lol

    So was your BF doing hard drugs.. if he was doing heroin, then god ..you must have had some horrible times ..emotional times.

    btw..i went on prozac, i was so depressed after breaking up with a girl i really loved . I couldnt handle the side effects ..so gave it up. Now i want to go back on it again.

    SidneyXda 2 years ago

  • Nah he was doing THC super strength canabis, which is a hallucinogen and causes pyschosis and psychotic episodes. This led to him feeling threatened by me and acting out stuff which was pure idiocy and uncontrolled paranoia that I and everyone else was out to get him. In the end we were out to get him… but off drugs because it was really doing him harm. So if anyone says canabis is fun and should be legalised, realise that thats for the soft stuff not the hardcore trippy stuff!

    truthseekers666 in reply to SidneyXda (Show the comment) 2 years ago

  • Im like that, i get emo about sad stories..especially animal cruelty. I need to watch your stalker vids again, i forgot who you mentioned again. Was it that Tabitha person you mentioned ?

    At college i just had this urge to try drugs..and what it felt like . I was sensible though, i tried..and stopped very quickly. I use to be a really confident guy, still am a little.. but i feel when i abused ecstasy, it did effect me for a year or two , i use to get nervous/panic in normal situations

    SidneyXda 2 years ago

  • i knew it

    wannyditton 2 years ago