First show a complete success

NEWS Livestream have apporved a lifting of our 50 viewer limit so we are free to broadcast to the masses now.

19th Jan 2011 Dispite some live technical issues that meant lipsync was out we were amazed that bang on 9pm the live stream had 50 viewers bang on 9PM, quite an achievement.  This meant that we went overcapcity on the amount of viewers we were allowed 50 being the max. Some people couldnt veiw the show live. I re-edited the show offline and corrected the lipsync issues (thre are still some there but not so many) and have reuploaded the show to livestream so it can be watched more comfortably.

What was in the show: Many revelations to the authorship of circles was given and callers called in and many peopel chatted in the chat room. What is clear is that people are fascinated by the paranormal stuff in and around circlemaking activites and the circles themselves. We felt the 2 hours wasnt enough and we could have gone on much longer but ten thats why there are more weeks to carry on and talk. Perhaps we will run to 3 hours on some shows.

Please send us your feedback on the show and any points you feel were not raised, any questions not answered and will will endeavour to do so.