Show 3 – doesnt time fly

Third show a success. We had no real technical issues this week as far as I am aware so I think this is going smoother now.  The tone of the show if very much an informal chat and i think the guests are quite comfortable with the format and having a bit fo a laugh. Tonights guest Poppy ( author of many spiritual oreintated books came on the show and revealled quite a few interesting things about some circles she had been involved in she could talk about. What was most fascinating is the strange experiences Poppy has had and how she got deeply involved in crop circles and got to meet some very famous Circlemakers when they were not known as Circlemakers back around the time of the writing of the Jim Scnabel book “Round in Circles”. Watch this show to get some very fascinating insight into a spirit minded person who has experienced a lot.  Viewing figures were up a little bit and we have estimated we are getting about 50 viewers on the show and 150 watching the whole length of the shows in the week.


We have a competition this week which is valid until show 4 airs, to send in your own crop circle design on paper and one will be picked as a winner of a piece of original crop circle design art from Matthew Williams, which was made as a real crop circle years ago. Send in to the contact us address and good luck.  Get your compass and ruler out and have a go.