Show 4 a taste of the ‘reserve

Show 5 was a very interesting look into what you get when you have a circlemaker that knows a lot more than he can say… A lot of reservation and holdback was easily detectable by myself (the host) but I am not sure how much the audience detected.  This is why I think this made a very interesting show because our guest Dr Rev Professor P.I. Staker was clearly jovial and having fun with his concept of what being a circlemaker is and what a circlemaker does. Now of course we know that the believer crowd will cry foul at this sort of attitude in that “lets have fun” in such a serious subject is not allowed but I say this – “WHO MAKES THE RULES” and why cant having fun and taking enjoyment in a funny way be acceptable. Or laughing because of what one cannot say and how brilliant it would be if you could say. These things are often misread by the uninitiated viewer/non circlemaker.  To help you understand, I have laughed with delight at seeing people going spiritually bananas in the circles we have created. This is not laughing at people it is laughing at the craziness of the fact that magic can be summoned or created through circles and people have positive effects.  Isn’t seeing people have a nice time something worth being happy if not hysterical about? Also is god a trickster, or is there a tricksters under god?  Is that a bad thing and what does it mean? Is all of this bullshit. Does god only reveal himself if we have a good sense of humour. Now this is something I am sure about because unless you are enable to control your emotions I think things are only shown to you if you have a pure heart and do it with the right intent. Otherwise the things from the paranormal realm that are shown to you are scary. Is there any wonder that this is how it works!? Seems this guest had pleanty of stuff to talk about on these lines. Thank you Dr Sn Hon Magnum P I Staker.

Anyhow I digress…. what me. Never! So look forward to seeing you on Show5 where our guest will be a famous Author!