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Why this years circles are poor quality

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Footage from 2012 of the Interview by Spanish Crop Circle Researchers

Credit to the author is available on the webpage below. Google translation here – original text is here An article relating to the fake use of Doctorate title by Mr Levengood. Text copied here Pretend you are a graduate doctor, while it is not so, just to own glory, that is not kosher. And […]

a youtube video interview by Ufohunter taken at the Grove Hotel in Watford, Near London.

Next show 24th Oct 2012 9pm UK time

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George Bishop will be our guest. George is a long term researcher and journalist on crop circles who is very well known in the UK and amongst many foreign crop circle interested parties due to his working on CCCS magazine. Here is Georges CV.  He will be joining us on Skype and we should be […]

Next show 17th Oct 2012 9pm UK time

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Mr Rob Buckle is the guest. He is a creator of youtube videos on crop circles whic have gained hundreds of thousands of hits. His research of the circles has led him to believe that humans are making the circles. We explore why. Tune in to the show and ask Rob questiosn live via our […]

News for CirclemakersTV… we have a pretty fast broadband connection again – back to 80k up from 40k which is a very curious thing considering we were forced to live out in a village which you would expect to have slower broadband – the universe provides… so we are getting back to the Devizes old […]

Next Show 15th Feb 2012

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CirclemakersTV next Weds 15th at 8pm… Anonymous Circlemaker as Guest… revealing their involvement and hopefully some good gossip. – CU live next week

CirclemakersTV Xmas special and End of Year bonus ball Weds 21-12-2011 if not arrested due to the retards. live chat available and we will have a guest via Skype on the show.  Be the first to get the major revelation which will be revealled on the show.  and if we dont speak to you before […]

We will be doing a show that will blow your socks off… all the details behind my arrest due to Agent S failed fake assault shenanegans. You will not believe what you are about to hear in this show. I fully expect there to be quite a kick back reaction to it.